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Crash when I start Quickcreds


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Hi everybody,

I bought my LAN Turtle and i have a problem in configuration of Quicreds and Responder.
QuickCreds not working, leds blink, but /root/loot/ 1, 2, 3 are definitely empty.

So i just tried to manually start Quickcreds from Turtle GUI and i can see this error :

Stopping DHCP Detect Blink Script

LED will blink rapidly while QuickCreds is running.
LED will light solid upon NTLM hash capture.
If starting this module from Turtle Shell menu, press CTRL+C to return.
ln: /etc/turtle/Responder/logs: No sych file or directory

I upgraded manually "turtle.bin" (with success), but this problem is always here.
Have you any suggestion ?

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