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Nano setup macOS High Sierra


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Hello Guys,

I'm new to Pineapple and I need some help please :))

I got the NANO and it works great on my windows machine but when it gets to my macbook pro I can't get it to run (with Internet connection) :(

I tried some step by step tutorials but they didn't work :(

Plug the NANO in and get the connection and setup the gui no problems but I can't download the modules or the bulletins :(

I'm connected to my home wifi and shared the internet connection with the Pineapple-adapter but it won't work :(

anyone got some ideas or tips for me :))


THX :)


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best bet is put a 3rd radio on the female usb side and connect it to your wifi for stuff like that.  Ive messed with the nano and my mbp for over a year and everytime I use it, its a pain in the ass because apple doesn't like to play nice with these devices.  I have totally given up on ICS with macOS at this point.  Its nothing wrong with the Pineapple just apple being difficult.

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