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What's up with the Github Repo?


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So, I notice the github repo for the community payloads has an extremely slow turnaround.  I am talking about weeks to months.  I checked it recently and still see tons of pull requests with a few being on hold for almost a year.  Daaaaannnnggg!!!!

I just seen the most recent commit and noticed it is Seb that did it.  You have him handling the community repo too?  What the hell?  That guy has enough on his plate to be minding the ever changing landscape of userland pull requests.  He has new projects to get done, PoCs to prove, ulcers to nurse from user rants.  It is time to hand the mantle to someone else or begin looking for a few volunteers to handle that baggage over there because it is beginning to look a little stale and Seb is aging too fast.  :-P


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Hey PoSHMagiC0de,

We've been hard at work developing new features for devices and working on making products better for customers as always. I just checked the repository and while some are on hold, the oldest is from March of this year and can be put on hold for a variety of reasons.

That being said, we'll look at the module repository and start to regularly look at PR's.

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We would be happy to have people review pull requests and let us know that the payloads work. 

Most "held" PRs are actually held because they either ship binaries or won't merge anymore. Really I need to go through and clean them all up in a big swoop. 

I do appreciate the kind words. I'm very glad we made the decision to get Foxtrot and Tesla to help me out with development - it's proven to be much healthier for me. 

That said, we have some awesome stuff coming soon, and are going to get the community much more involved in the development process (think nightly builds, payload / package repositories,  etc). 

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