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Tetra Boost RF Connectors Pineapple / USB not the same.


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Tetra uses SMA connectors for it's antennas.  The long range WiFi Dongle included in the boost (and sold in the store)  are RP-SMA.  The antennas and their connectors look the same except that one has a center pin, to fit in the connector and the other, accepts a pin from the connector on the device.   Someone could break a connector not realizing this.  I put a piece of tape on the dongle antenna to not make the mistake (don't use metallic tape).

I am going to guess that the Long Range Wifi booster follows the same convention as the dongle, since they are sold together in a kit.  This may even be the reason for the difference in connectors? 

Any thoughts? (especially from Hak 5 Staff).  I am wondering if using adapters to mix alternative antennas and boosters etc. is a bad idea or OK.

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1 hour ago, PixL said:

As the tetra already has onboard amplifiers i'm guessing connecting another to it would generate allot of interference.

Pretty much this. Also, the boosters are 2.4Ghz only. 

Otherwise, if you wanted to add an amplifier, you can always use an adapter. You'll loose a bit of power though.

Either way, the WiFi Pineapple TETRA doesn't need an amp. 

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Thanks Seb for the great answers. I have the info I need.

I would suggest that if Hak5 continues to sell the boost kit, and/or recommends that dongle for use with the Tetra,  they include a caution: the antenna connectors for the dongle, look the same (without glasses) but are not compatible.  I could see someone damaging a connector if they were less than gentle.  Just a thought for documentation going forward.

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