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How to dump/extract .bin file in Navigation DVD and repack afterwards


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I want to unpack a .bin file in a Car SatNav DVD and change somethings ( if I can ) and pack it back. This navigation system is based on Win CE 4.2

I want to change splash screen etc, nothing major.

There is an .exe file on the net, someone created years ago ( maybe 10 years ago ) , but not for the same version I have. Anyway I tried to use it with the .bin file I have and it indeed extracted some files out of it ( exe and  dll files came out )

But my antivirus app straight away gave alert and blocked all the files as they had Trojan.

Can someone please give me an idea how to do this extraction and packing it back process ? I am not looking for a fish, looking for someone to teach me or give me a way to follow :) 

Also : Is there any way I can reach to Win CE and install a program. If I could I would install an MP3 player so I could listen my songs in my car while seeing the playlist on the car navigation screen.


Thank you in advance


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