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Hello Every One

It is About 8 Months I Started Learning Security Fundamentals ( Security+ , CEH, ...) I Want To Know  For Writing Exploit Which Programming Language Is The Best, Python? Ruby? C++?


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Python is the most adopted in general.  It has a huge community and is much easier for beginners to learn.

Ruby was made to make programmers happy so it's far more intuitive for writing code that just works.  Metasploit uses Ruby so that's a security advantage to learning that.

If you want to learn a systems language for writing exploits I'd recommend Rust.  It's the lowest level language that won't give you segfaults.  It's made to be as fast as C but without the hassle.  Only thing is it's not a good “first language” and is very syntax heavy at first.  Rust can be integrated with other languages and is probably the first language to have working WebAssembly generated from it.  You can write Rust code and compile it to WebAssembly and that works natively in the web browser.

Of course that depends on what you mean by exploit.  There are systems that try to take advantage of people through the web and most of those are disabled (like Java and Flash) now in browsers, but JavaScript is here to stay.  JavaScript is probably the worst language to learn first as there are many wrong things about the way the language works that can baffle the most well seasoned developers.  Proof: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat

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maybe 6 ysars ago I chose ruby. I was interested in writing metasploit modules. 


Pthon has less limitations. I wouldn't bother with c++ until you figure out a years worth of python or ruby

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