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Smartphone ad banners

Arnold Deparis

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I would like to know if there is a device with which I could send ad banners on smartphones and digital tablets of people who (FOR EXAMPLE) are sitting in a tennis club, equipped with a private Wi-Fi network, drinking (FOR EXAMPLE) their juice of orange, presenting (FOR EXAMPLE) the new tennis racket used by Rafael Nadal. Knowing that I am not the owner of the tennis club

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Aerohive APs allow people to get notifications and be taken to certain webpages via the authentication page (shown when you join the WiFi) depending on where they are in a room, or if they just connect to a WiFi. They had an example of someone walking into a shop. What happens is they walk into a shop and connect to the WiFi - the WiFi sees them and can track their movements based on 1. what AP they're connected to and 2. their signal strength to the nearest AP (can calculate hotspots and determine where they are). This means if they walk to the clothing section of a shop it could pop up with clothing sales and specials on their phone. If they walk to the electronics area it can pop up with electronics specials and sales. That kind of thing.

You could incorporate something like this here - except I wouldn't go with Aerohive. Aerohive is mainly for corporate (very large) businesses with many sites around a country or even the world and they're quite expensive. 

Unless you're talking about something completely different - it's hard to tell, you aren't being entirely clear here..

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