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Switch 3 Open VPN issue


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I'm french beginner with Packet Squirrel (my english is not perfect, sorry). After having watched video from Darren & Shannon about Open VPN, I have not understand how to use open vpn on packet squirrel. Is its necessary to install a VPN server on another computer?:blink:

Thanks for your help.


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You will need an openvpn server on a local machine or you can use crt and config from another VPN like Ipvanish or whatever and make sure your config file calls the crt and creds to connect. These files will need to be in switch 3 folder. 

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how I got OpenVPN to work on my packet squirrel (PS)

i have a seedbox out in the cloud with OpenVPN installed

downloaded the *.ovpn file to payloads/switch3 as config.ovpn

modified the config.ovpn file where it says



auth-user-pass pass.txt

created a pass.txt file under payloads/switch3 with the username and password for the OpenVPN login


i'm sure there is a way to mask these instead of plain text

i had to change payloads/switch3/payload.sh to get the client to get out to the internet

# Set to 1 to allow clients to use the VPN


# Set to 1 to allow clients to use the VPN

attached the PS to the network i wanted access to remotely

it established the connection to my seedbox

the seedbox showed a tun0 connection with ifconfig command

from the seedbox I ssh'd to the PS through the tunnel

ssh root@

logged in and presented with the PS banner

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