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Can I monitor the Squirrel while it does it's work?

Talmar Grosskotz

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I am still testing the Squirrel in my home network until I deploy it at work. But for testing it would be really helpful if I could kind of ssh into it and monitor what it is doing.
It would be even better if it would be somehow possible to reboot it into *Arming* via ssh and then edit scripts and reboot again to see the effects.

Is that possible?


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It depends what it's doing.

You can log things to files with this kind of syntax:

echo "Hello" >> $LOG_FILE

It will put "Hello" into the 'log.txt' file.

However, in terms of SSHing into your PS while it's running a payload, it's not too hard. You just need to start the SSH server after you're PS has an IP on the network, then just connect to the server with Putty or something.

Here's the code to start the SSH server:

/etc/init.d/sshd start &

So before that you should have the NETMODE set to something that gives the PS an IP.

sleep 3 # makes sure that the PS gets an IP before we do the next thing
sleep 3
NETMODE CLONE # untested, but should work fine
sleep 3


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