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no wifi on Qubes 3.2


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I just installed Qubes 3.2 OS on a laptop to check it out.  everything installed fine. My problem is I can not get the wifi set up.  It really not a Qubes question but a wifi card issue.  I have used linux since 2004, and don't know how to set this wifi card up.  The card does work on linux mint, and windows 10.  But i do not know how to configure it on Qubes 3.2.  What i need is someone to step by step me through this.  Anyone up to helping me? This is a basic question, but maybe is Qubes related. 

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Thanks.  I did solve the problem by using a different computer that meet all the system requirements,  not just most of them, (like that first laptop).    When I installed it on a modern, fast (SSD) laptop, it worked perfectly. Ethernet and WiFi up and running immediately.   It took a few hours to upgrade everything.  Still can't get flash, but I can live with that.  I like it for what it can do, other computers can handle what it can't do. It really looks potent.  There's a great deal this OS can do.  Thanks again for your help, I will store the link you supplied.

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