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OpenVpn Gateway (switch3)


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Hi All,

I have recently started playing with the packet squirrel.  I have the openvpn server setup and the squirrel connected. 

I can ssh to the squirrel on my network via the tunnel, however if i try to connect to anything on the network subnet it times out.  Ping fails with destination port not reachable, traceroute gets all the way to the squirrel and then fails, so i am assuming that this is probably down to the firewall.

The one thing i am looking for is the log files for the firewall and openvpn on the squirrel to see what is going on.  Where are these stored on the squirrel?  I have looked in the usual places, but i am unable to find them.

Any pointers would be great.


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Yeah, I'm doing the same thing. I've setup static routing to the subnet in question from the VPN server, so in theory it should work, but I'm assuming the squirrel doesn't allow forwarding to the other subnet, or needs configuration to support it? 


I'm trying to access the subnet that's on the other side of the squirrel, with no joy. Pings from the OVPN server work fine to the squirrel, but not to the subnet on the other side.

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Hey guys can someone walk me through this please? I skipped the step of "changing line 5 from 0 to 1 for clients b/c I cannot get there lol. whats the next command after: cd payloads switch3, ls? I know my skills aren't that great buy the guide isn't exactly step by step. thanks gents any help is much appreciated.  I am at the very last step, after SSHing into the squirrel, and cannot SCP root@myserveraddress:client.ovpn .  The output I get is "timed out" or "connection not available/unreachable." 

Thanks again,


Crypto Que 

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