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Packet Squirrel Switch 3 Help me


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By default Switch 3 is the OpenVPN payload.

If you want to put your own payload there, refer to the ripped content from the Packet Squirrel documentation page found here.


To choose a payload, flip the selection switch to the desired position before powering on the Packet Squirrel. When it boots up, it will start the payload associated with the switch position.

Payloads can be stored on internal memory or externally from a USB disk.

On boot priority will be given to the USB disk – so if a payload exists there it will override any payloads stored on the internal memory.

If no USB disk is connected, or a USB disk is connected that does not contain payloads, the payloads stored on internal memory will start.

Payloads on internal memory are stored in /root/payloads in folders named switch1, switch2 and switch3 – which are associated with the payload selector switch hardware.

Payloads on USB disks should be stored in /payloads/ in corresponding switch1, switch2 and switch3 folders.


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