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Phil Fergie

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Hi Guys

Looking to play with the ispyintel payload (looks cool), the problem I'm having is that when the payload runs it flashes red (fails to read usb drive).  The pcap default payload writes loot fine and the PS see's the USB drive with other payloads.

Any pointers appreciated :)



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On 27.11.2017 at 6:47 PM, Phil Fergie said:

Hi Guys

Thanks for the advice, in transparent mode I am getting no network access, the default interface is 'lo'  - which interface should I configure this to eth1 or eth0 ?

I am assuming eth1 as that goes out to the network?

Cheers for any pointers.


For this payload set the netmode to transparent and use the br-lan interface.

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Im also having issues with this payload. i have it in switch2, latest PS firmware installed.

I can run the payload, the light blinks yellow indicating its collecting data, but I cannot browse the internet. Netmode is set to transparent and the interface is set to br-lan. There are no logs sent to local storage as the code suggests would happen. Whats next in my troubleshooting?

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