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rfcat large data transmit


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I have some data I want to send with rfcat in FSK. It's 14 segments of 303 bits long, each segment is separated by about 70ms or 4414 symbols@15.8925µs. I cannot trust python to maintain the gap delay consistently through sleeping. What I would like to do is send all my bits at once, which is 14 x 303 + 14 x 4414(zeros) bits long or 66038 bits.  This way I can ensure consistent delivery of data the same way my remote control does.

Naturally I cannot do this with d.FHSSxmit as it would be too big for the buffer (max fixed length packet is 510 and I'm trying to push 8260 hex.)  Is there any other way I can send that much data at once, or some other method I don't know about like a infinite mode for tx?

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