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Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

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6 minutes ago, Shad0wChick46 said:

2 others. One didnt even have Internet for it.

Both were windows machines? just wondering is you tried on a linux box for the sake of testing if its a windows issue?

Also if you run it once on a windows box, then try on another windows box does it work once again?

Im trying to understand if it works once per box or once then dead.

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11 minutes ago, Shad0wChick46 said:

No it works once total even when i plug it into a new box. I currently dont have a linux box available. And in my vm if my computer wont recognize it i can't add it to the vm

That's a real weird one, its the working once thing that's throwing me. if its dead its dead...  I would try contacting Hak5 support and keep an eye on this thread for any additional posts. Sorry I'm not much help.

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Ohhh sorry I misunderstood  I thought  it was working once on all firmware versions.

How many different micro SD cards have you tried? Is the format correct?

Have you 100% followed these instructions? https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Flashing-ducky

Just trying to rule out some things.

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I had the same problem (red solid light) I've tried with 2 different SD cards, formatted as FAT, FAT32 nothing worked. Until I try one last time with a simple 'Hello World' script and saved the file as inject.bin. It seems that saving the file as inject.bin fixed the problem, I was using different name for my scripts. It sounds silly, but as soon as I did that I got green blinking light and script executed in Windows 10 machine, you can check that just in case.

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