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Firmware v1.2 Wishlist


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19 hours ago, RazerBlade said:

Maybe being able to plug in a computer and show up as a flash drive for easy payload switching

This is already being addressed.

19 hours ago, RazerBlade said:

Fat32 support for better compatibility and to mount the BashBunny

While it would be cool to have the Bash Bunny sticking out of the Packet Squirrel, what could it actually do apart from add another network interface to sniff? You MAY be able to get HID working but that's not going to help anything because you can just SSH into the PS anyway (or just configure the payload). Storage would be the only real option, and that's only 2GB. The Bash Bunny also uses more power than a normal USB so it's not ideal, really..

19 hours ago, RazerBlade said:

Modules like the lanturtle

What modules specifically?

On 11/21/2017 at 1:11 PM, rickballard@infoskirmish.com said:

pip support for adding libraries

+1. Found it frustrating not having pip natively on the Bunny..

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