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Just got a brand new Tetra, I followed the instructions to go to your website to the /tetra page, it provides an IP address link to "complete the setup", but that link does not respond.  I tried it under Chrome and Firefox with the same results.  Is this link down?

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The cabling is as follows:
USB Type B with the 2 wires coming out of it -- plugged into laptop
USB Type B (one of the pair) -- plugged into Tetra USB port
USB Type C (second of the pair) miniUSB -- plugged into Tetra ETH1 port

During my initial setup attempts, I was aware that I was supposed to wait for the blue light on the front of the Tetra to become solid, and to use Chrome or Firefox.   So last night, I saw the Tetra go from blinking about 10 times per second, to blinking about 2 times per second, then it went to what I *thought* was being referred to as "solid", but it wasn't truly solid.  It was blinking very fast, maybe 20-30 times per second, very fast blinking.   I made the faulty assumption that was solid, and it was during that time I was trying to browse to its IP address.    The main things I noticed during that period is there were no adapters in my system with the IP address, or even close.   I did see a device arriving and departing repeatedly, while the Tetra was hooked up, almost as if the cable was being plugged in and removed over and over.    I was able to briefly see the IP address of that device, but it was nowhere near 172.16.*.    So I gave up for the evening.

I left the Tetra plugged into power overnight, but I had unplugged the USB from my computer.

This morning, I arrived to see the blue light on the Tetra illuminated as truly solid.   So I plugged the USB cable back into my laptop again, and a new adapter did show up in my system, and it did have the gateway address of

I browsed to the IP address and port to begin the setup, and I did indeed get to a setup screen.   I clicked "Continue" and it took me to a screen recommending that I turn off the Pineapple's WiFi antenna by pressing the reset button one time, which I did, then I clicked Continue again.   Then it took me to a screen asking for the firmware update file, which I had already downloaded from the website into a folder last night.  I browsed to the file, and told it to start updating.   After about 1-2 minutes, the screen returned to what looked like the original setup screen with the "Continue" link.   But now, clicking on the Continue link just takes me back to the "turn off the WiFi by pressing the reset button" screen.   Pressing Continue at this point does nothing.  No errors, no screen changes, zero.   So I have progressed a little farther than last night, but I'm still seemingly stuck.

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53 minutes ago, glassman said:

I did see a device arriving and departing repeatedly, while the Tetra was hooked up

 Im wondering it the tetra had enough power, sounds like a bit of a boot loop, strange.

If you have the wall adapter (2A @ 12V) I would try to use that to be sure. You can still plug the micro USB cable into the eth port  and the other end into your laptop for Ethernet connection.

53 minutes ago, glassman said:

Then it took me to a screen asking for the firmware update file,

From your explanation it sounds weird. Normally you update from the pineapple GUI itself and IIRC there isnt an option to upload a firmware file. Unless your doing a firmware recovery? the IP address would then instead of the usual

If doing a firmware recovery you would need to download the specific "factory" firmware and not the other version but for general updates I would just use the GUI of the online pineapple as it grabs the correct file itself.

To revert everything back to factory defaults I would do a "firmware recovery" following the instructions here and start again making sure there was adequate power is supplied.



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33 minutes ago, glassman said:

I'll try that tonight.  It was connected to power from the wall outlet the entire time, so it would be surprising if power itself was the problem.

Yeah I was just suggesting it as it was missing from your connection detail post. If its 12V 2A all should be good power wise. Sounds more like a non "factory" firmware has been uploaded to the firmware recovery section - or something else. Hope you get it sorted.

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