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Packet Squirrel Switch3 openVPN Client Tunnel


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Hi - I cant get get my vpn to work.......


I have an account with strong VPN, and down loaded the config file from there website. Copied it over to the pocket squirrel, edited the file to add user name and password, as recommended  by Strong VPN, unplugged the power, switch to position three, get yellow light flashing but my ip address never changes to the VPN address?

I simplified the payload; DNS server is strong VPN DNS ( they recommended it).

# OpenVPN payload


# Cheap hack to set the DNS server
function setdns() {
        while true
                [[ ! $(grep -q "$DNS_SERVER" /tmp/resolv.conf) ]] && {
                        echo -e "search lan\nnameserver $DNS_SERVER" > /tmp/resolv.conf
                sleep 5

function start() {
        LED SETUP

        /usr/bin/NETMODE VPN

        sleep 3

        # Start the OpenVPN server in the background
        /etc/init.d/openvpn start

        # Start SSH Server
        /etc/init.d/sshd start &

        # Set DNS server
        setdns &

        LED ATTACK

# Start the payload
start &







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