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7 hours ago, Quintox said:

This is a Dumb noobie Question. Do I need internet connection for the pineapple to work?

Depends what you are doing.

If you want to update or install modules - yes.

If you want to give clients interent - yes

If your deauthing a target - no

If your capturing 4 ways - no


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Not a dumb question at all. I tried to do a lot of things in NANO that should not require an internet connection and I fell short of achieving any success.

For example, If you try to use Evil Portal module, even if you want to just show the portal to the victims and don't want to provide them internet connection at all, you will not able to do that. Some people mentioned in the forums that's not a fail in the module, but I could not get the details.

So, as a rule of thumb, provide internet connection if you can.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot connect your NANO to the internet via Wifi using the default setup (2 antennas) and turn on PineAP at same time. That's because PineAP uses those 2 antennas to work. You have to buy an additional wifi adapter in order to do that.

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