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Adding a Time Server to Pineapple V


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Dear Wise Ones,

I had a bit of a search, but it seems everyone else is using the Pineapples normally (or my Fu is broken).

The problem I am having is that I have a "travelling demonstration" about personal data safety, which contains a Pineapple Mk V at its heart and three Raspberry Pi's that use this Pineapple as a server. When the set-up is connected to a network that allows connection to a time-server everything is great, but, as some of you may start to gleam, this travelling set-up cannot always be connected to the internet or another type of network that spoofs time-servering in a way that both types of devices comprehend what is going on. Add to that difficulties explaining to people how to log in to the pineapple to connect it to a local WiFi and we're at a point where a very annoying nuisance comes up:

With network communication (which happens between the Pineapple and Pi's over a traditional wire), if a packet was sent in 1900 by the Pineapple and received in 2017 by the Raspberry Pi, the Pi thinks "Well, this packet is supposed to be dead!" and ignores it.

So I started thinking I'd just make them all start at 2000-01-01 00:00:00 with scripts (Pi's seem to not want to be set to Epoch like the Pineapple defaults to?), but this doesn't seem to work, because there's a bit of randomness to the power-up difference, which seems to sometimes cause one or two Pi's to take too long to start (it eventually gets there) and then the time difference gets out of bounds and I haven't enough time to find out why.

So, next step: Make the Pineapple a time-server itself set to any time at least a year after Epoch (because Pi's don't like the year of Epoch!?).

But I haven't got enough experience with or knowledge of the Pineapple to say I can pull that off in a day or less, so I was wondering if there's anyone here who managed to do that successfully and would be willing to share the process needed for it?

Many hugs and cuddles for your time regardless,

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