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Unexpected LED patterns when upgrading 1.0 -> 1.1

Didier Stevens

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FYI: I had the following LED patterns when doing a firmware upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1

Flashing GREEN


Alternating RED/BLUE (6 to 7 seconds)

Solid BLUE for several minutes

Flashing GREEN

Flashing BLUE


The solid BLUE for several minutes was unexpected, from Seb's post


LED Upgrade States:

  1. Green flashing - booting up
  2. Red/Blue alternating - flashing firmware
  3. Green flashing - rebooting
  4. Blue flashing - upgrade complete, arming mode ready


I expected the RED/BLUE alternating to take several minutes.

Anyone observed the same?


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Your assessment is correct, the solid blue will be several minutes during the installation. Thanks for bringing this up. I've updated the documentation to reflect that the alternating red/blue pattern is when the firmware flash begins, which will be followed by a period of either a solid red or solid blue LED during the firmware installation.

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16 minutes ago, biob said:

Is the PS working?

Yes, it is.

Although I had to do this twice.

First time I did not pay attention to the time, and I (wrongly) thought the solid blue LED indicated that the firmware upgrade was finished. So I unplugged. And my PS was no longer booting (no LED).

I had to use the recovery console to install the recovery firmware, and then do the upgrade again. This time waiting longer.

But no problem, it was an opportunity to test the recovery procedure, and also find a small bug in the recovery console (created GitHub issue for this: https://github.com/hak5/packetsquirrel-payloads/issues/24).

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