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Undercover bunny payload purpose


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My recommendation is for you to start searching and learning.  

Then build yourself a lab.   vmware install a windows os and a kali os.  Create a virtural network and try some things out.     Remeber the command. Man.   example.  Man arp.   Will show you the manual of arp.    


being in remote access. Is exactly what it does 

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I've found something slightly more useful with that payload. You can change the adapter that the AP bridges from, so you can change it to the Bunny's adapter and therefore turn the Bunny's network into a WiFi network. That means that you can connect to it and SSH into your Bunny, allowing you to remotely launch payloads and stuff. Or you could just troll whoever's at the PC by inputting random HID keystrokes.

Can you imagine the chaos of them writing something in Word or writing up an email and you're just spamming a letter or sending it early everytime, haha.

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