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Firmware 1.1 and New Devices

Phil Fergie

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Hi Guys

I have just received my Packet Squirrel and have attempted the firmware 1.1 upgrade.  I attached the USB flash drive formatted to NTFS and have the upgrade-1.1 firmware file saved to it.  When I power on the PS it takes the usual time to boot and then goes straight to flashing blue.

Do you know if the new Packet Squirrels are already flashed with 1.1, if not how can I resolve the issue?

Many Thanks


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1 minute ago, Phil Fergie said:

Do you know if the new Packet Squirrels are already flashed with 1.1

You can check the installed version if you connect via SSH. In the /root/ directory you have a VERSION document, so nano or cat the VERSION document to see current version.

Did you remove and re-aply power or maybe did a reboot? Needs to be a cold boot IIRC.

Also double check you have it in arming mode.

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Going for a new USB flash drive today and see if that helps.

ive quadruple checked everything and it seems to read the USB device and then go straight to blue.

interesting thing is that the PS can see the USB device in the file system but the pcap payload fails to write to the drive (red on button press) when I tested it.

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It was likely a USB formatting issue with the first flash drive. 

From testing I found that about one in a dozen USB drives, while formatted FAT32, did not contain a primary partition. This is technically against spec, but it works anyway. This was from a sampling of flash drives that had been collecting dust in my desk drawer from the various conferences over the years. The simple fix was to format them in GParted (NTFS or EXT4) with a partition table, rather than a generic block device. To make it even easier, Seb included a reformat_usb command on the Packet Squirrel that does the formatting for you.

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