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Online order, Wrong item sent, needs help


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This is may first post, so hello world :happy: 

I'm looking for some help. I ordered some stuff, from the Hak5 store, and they sent an incorrect item as part of my order. I ordered a packet squirrel but i got a bash bunny instead :ohmy:

I've raised a ticket with the store support but its been several days no and had no response.

Have they got a support IRC channel or something i can live chat with? So i can try and get this sorted out?

Any help is welcome :) 


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As always patience is the key.


The store is run by a VERY small team of only a few people, and they do get quite a lot of emails. If you've sent it in, they will get to it, don't worry about that. I can understand your frustration but all I can advise is patience.

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