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DUCKY_LANG in config.txt don't do the trick


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the setting of :

#This configuration file is used to set default variables

in the config.txt doesn't load the correct language in the scripts.

I also tried to add a DUCKY_LANG fr

in the payload itself without any effects.


I have checked : /usr/local/bunny/lib/languages the directory contains all the json files.


For my payload to work I had to edit Q / QUACK ==> language = os.getenv("DUCKY_LANG", default="fr").lower()

But any time I want to change to a new language I have to do this... It would be simpler to use the config.txt.


Also, I just upgraded the BB from firmware 1.0 to 1.4)

Before,  setting the language in the payload did work just fine.


Did anyone encounter this bug and has found a solution ?




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