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A Googly-ipod-moneypalooza?


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Start a Company with a vague flash website indicating that what ever the hell it is you do, it’s Cool.


"Leak" information showing that you've been in talks with Apple and Google (even if it was just a prank call).


Post link to a blog that’s exposing the "leaked" docs on Digg; include WoW & Bush reference in the title.


Get everyone you know to Digg it! (That includes grandma; she's going to have to learn about the internet to). This will ensure front page resulting in pages of random speculation (and flame wars thanks to the new comments system).


Repeat with random blogs until you reach the front page of Slashdot.


Read all the comments, then take the best ideas and design a product from them. Announce that it runs Linux and has a 100% open design (even if you’re not sure what to make yet).


Create a website with as much white space as possible. Be sure to include several thousand 3D MAX renders, all showing wildly different ideas. Announce launch date, a shipping date, a street date, a store date, and a home date. Announce prices. Then pull the page from your site and pretend it was another “leakâ€.


Sell out to Microsoft, who will discard your idea and reuse the product name for a line of left handed budget gaming mice. With rubber track balls.

9: Open your copy of Flash again...

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Sounds like Standard Operating Procedure during the dotcom days.

1. Dream up something useless.

2. Create a company and put it up on the stock exchange.

3. Market the CRAP out of it, so shareholders think you're a big innovator.

4. As your stock price soars, sell out to a big company before actually making anything, to keep the costs down.

And more current:

1. Figure out the concept behind someone else's interesting idea, or an obvious extention on it.

2. Patent the sucker!

3. Wait for it to take off, then either license or sue.

Rince, lather, repeat.

Thankfully we don't have software patents here just yet...

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1. Create popular IPTV show

2. ???

3. Profit!

If you don't get the joke you need to read more slashdot +5 funnies.

if u dont get the joke, u fail at life. And i ban you from the internet.

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