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Payloads Not Running


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As a bare minimum you would expect the Payloads that are downloaded onto the Bash Bunny when you run the Bunny Updater to work. The only change you should need to make is to change the ATTACKMODE so the payload runs on Windows or MAC/*nix. There are so many people complaining about the payloads not running. Maybe the development team could put some time & effort into getting the supplied payloads to work. 

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OK. Let's start with 'quickcreds'.

The LED flashes amber and never reaches a steady green even after 30 minutes.

It creates a folder under loot called quickcreds, and under quickcreds it creates a folder called Dave-Win8-HP-1 which is my computername-1.

This folder is empty.

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Sorry, my PC name is misleading. It was Windows 8 when I bought it but it has since been upgraded to Windows 10.

Also, responder is installed as are the other two tools.

Am I supposed to do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade from a putty sessions when logged into the Bash Bunny ???

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@daven2411 GET TARGET_OS doesn't currently support details.@thehappydinoa could perhaps implement some GET TARGET_OS_DETAILS or something, the problem is returning the amount of detail that's actually wanted. For example, some times you might want IS_WIN7_OR_HIGHER and other times you might want IS_VERY_SPECIFIC_WINDOWS10_BUILD. While you could get some details from nmap, it's not always correct and can lack details. The best way would be to execute the following powershell-command and return its values tot he BB via for example the networking or filesystem:

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