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Rubbery Ducky can't get passed the UAC Police


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I just got my new Ducky today but I'm getting no love with anything else but Hello World :(

The problem seems to be the UAC security.  I'm using Windows 7.

The command ALT y does not work.  It's not a delay issue, I played with that to all extents.  It seems to be a focus problem where the ALT y is being sent to another window as the UAC Window does not have focus when it pops up.  Am I the only one with this issue?

Is there a reliable work around to bring focus to a specific window or anther fix?  Without being able to get passed the UAC check, the Ducky would be rather Sucky.  No offense, it's a cool gadget, I couldn't stop the rhyme!


Thanks Steve


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When the UAC pops up, the focus is on the button "NO", right? (I have no UAC-enabled PC right now)

So why not edit the script to press the left arrow key and then enter.

Should work....

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Thanks for the reply.  No, unfortunately this isn't the case.  I can reproduce the problem outside of Duck world simply by opening up the Run box and typing a typical command like: "powershell Start-Process notepad -Verb runAs"

When I press Enter, after a short moment, a DOS window pops up, followed immediately by the UAC dialog box pop-up, but it does not have focus.  I believe the DOS box has focus.  Pressing 'n' or any of the arrow keys does nothing.  What I can do is Alt-Tab until I manually see the UAC dialog gets focus, then I can press 'y' or use the arrow keys, but without focus, I can't touch that dialog box.  Because there is no reliable number of forward OR backwards Alt-Tab strokes that can always get the UAC popup to have focus, I can't think of a way to make this work.

Can't see what would be unusual about my Windows 7 configuration and why this doesn't seem to be a huge issue for everyone else?  In the mean time, I can't think of a reliable work around.  Have you heard of this before? 






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Anyone out there with the same problem on the Rubber Ducky?  The Windows 7 box I'm testing it on does not give focus to the UAC popup and therefore I can't get past the UAC control and all my scripts that do anything useful always fail.  I can't be the only one with this problem?  It's not really a Ducky issue, as I can reproduce it typing the commands manually, but again, why does MY popup not have focus if everyone else's in the world does?  I feel .... special.

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Hi Stevels,

i'm new here but maybe i can help.

  • What language do you use? ALT y only works on english systems. My german computer need ALT j. I Optimized my scripts now to just press all the buttons.
  • What antivirus do you use? I found that Sophos Home and i think it was Avast steal focus of the UAC window so that key injections didn't work anymore. Turns out that the full Endpoint protection doesn't do such a thing....what a joke. 

A simple solution would be to maybe start a VBS Script which waits for a hotkey and puts the mouse in the middle of the screen and just clicks once and then deletes itself.
Voila get wrecked ducky countermeasures.

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