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Elite Field Kit - Gear Organizer


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I have purchased and love all your kit including the following items:

Pineapple TETRA

Pineapple NANO

Bash Bunny

Packet Squirel

LAN Turtle

USB Rubber Ducky

Alfa USB Wifi Dongle

Throwing Star LAN Tap

as well as the Pineapple book and the pocket guide.


I am finding that the organizer I have is busting at the seams and I saw the Elite Field Kit organizer in the shop, anyway we can have a link to purchase the organizer?  Really not going to purchase all that gear for an organizer but it would be nice to have a bigger container for all this kit.

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41 minutes ago, HarryChiling said:

Love me some zero grid

I carry that organizer every day and at first, I loved it. Then I started putting my stuff in it and if you have any more than small cables it is not a great fit. I bought it for my laptop charger and it is too bulky to fit. I find I mostly use the zipper pouch and have some things just laying in between the different dividers. 

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