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SSH using private key?


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I'm probably doing something wrong or missing a step (although I was sure I triple checked!), but I cannot seem to get SSH using private/public key authentication working.

Using -vvv doesn't really yield anything helpful - it simply skips that method of authentication and asks for a password.

I've checked permissions, looked over sshd_config, tried generating on both the Squirrel and my PC, and nothing seems to do the trick. I'm at my wits end, so I came here in hopes that someone has had success getting this to work.

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That was a great suggestion, but even after generating the key and having it successfully copy over using ssh-copy-id (once I ssh into the Squirrel I can see the pub key has been copied into the auth file), it still prompts me for the password, even when I use -i :sad:

If need be I can post the verbose output.

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On 10/30/2017 at 3:54 AM, _TheHobbyist_ said:

I managed to get it working. Since I am SSHing in as root, I needed to disable write and exec permissions on the root folder. Once I did that it used key authentication. Hope this helps others that might have the same issue.

That's on;y needed for the keys stored in the /root/.ssh folder though. I was able to take a Squirrel out of the box, use ssh-copy-id to copy my keys, and SSH in without changing any permissions.


10 hours ago, LGee said:

Oh I thought this was about a different topic. But is there a way to setup reverse SSH towards a cloud IP to get in, instead of using VPN?

Currently you can use AutoSSH, but we are replacing that with SSHTunnel in firmware 1.1.

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