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first try to build Module called KRACK-WPA2


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Hello @ all,

so I'll to setup a new module for the lovely wifi pineapple.
since a few weeks it exist a kiind of vulnerability for some implementation of wpa2 (4way handshake).

further reading:
introduction:   https://www.krackattacks.com/
sample code:   https://github.com/vanhoefm/krackattacks-test-ap-ft

at the first, how can i realize this project. some hints for me, or somme else to help with the setup?
I'm know about https://wifipineapple.github.io/wifipineapple-wiki//#!creating_modules.md

cheers Bonsaiuser

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Good luck on your endevor. New modules are always tiny christmas’ for me; firmware updates are birthdays; module updates, a suprise mid-week bouquet from a sweetie; a new hak5 decice, a new child.

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