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Nano Tutorial Resources?


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Don't hate me because I'm a Newbie.  Whats worse, I don't really know Linux. I was hoping with the Nano I wouldn't need to SSH in.  So scary!   

My question: Is there a resource that provides tutorials and more details on the many cool plug ins now available?  I've seen everything I can find on YouTube but many of them are using a Linux command line shell and I am hoping that I can use the GUI on the Nano. 

There are so many cool things I know can be done with this unit but without knowing more I feel useless and sad :(

Please point this geeky enthusiast to any Nano specific "cookbooks", PDFs or Videos you may know of so I may some day not be a Newbie.

Thanks folks!


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On the WiFi Pineapple website there's some content you can look through. There's a blog, wiki, the forums and even a demo down the bottom of the front page. That should be enough to get you started. There's also the Hak5 Pocket Guide that can help you with the Nano as well as the Bash Bunny, Rubber Ducky and LAN Turtle.

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As a newbie to the wold of hacking, but with a strong technical and computer background, I'm not sure if I'm qualified to speak on this.  With that said, I will open my mouth and perhaps sound like a fool:

I was not enlightened by the book.  Too thin, not detailed enough, doesn't go deeply enough and at the same time, doesn't offer much step by step instruction.  In fact, it asked more questions than it answered.  I am still unable to do anything 'useful' with my pineapple.  Most features in the GUI are un-intuitive to me, seem to contradict settings in other pages, and are never explained well enough for me to feel comfortable with the Pineapple.  For example, there are two radios built in.  I have the optional third in the USB port.  It's never clear to me which radio maps to which internal device and why.  There are about five internal devices referenced, so how is this flowing and how does it add up? 

To make the learning curve worse, when I change from screen to screen on the Pineapple, settings that were set and saved on previous screens sometimes disappear or often randomly reset or are turned off.   Bottom line is I want to like the product, but the book has not empowered me to do anything but log SSIDs and client Mac addresses.  I don;t know how to do anything of interest or use with that information. 

I wish there was a better book, better integrated help and especially - help on all the many new modules which are completely undocumented within the app.

I can imagine it a difficult task to write something that covers the theory of hacking along with the specifics of the Pineapple, but I'm waiting and looking for more books if they are out there.


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