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Logging nearby clients


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I'm looking for a way to gather a list of all nearby clients, including MAC addresses. In Linux, I do this:

airodump-ng wlan0 -a --manufacturer --output-format CSV --write Open-

However, I wanted to add Deauth to see if that would speed up things. Not wanting to add a 2nd Wifi adapter, I decided to dust off my Nano and see what it could do.

Looking around, I don't see a clear way to do this. I can do a recon, but results are iffy, and I don't see a way to save the output. Ditto for the Site Survey module.

Forgetting deauth for a moment, is the anything on the Nano that will save a list of nearby clients?

Is my best option to just run the above line? Is there a quick and easy way to make that a module?

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