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Let's Code - Packet Squirrel [Oct 30th]


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4 hours ago, nastyolbstrd said:

What kind of mischief could one promulgate with a BashBunny plugged into a Packet Squirrel? The mind boggles!

Have the PS boost the Bash Bunny's network, allowing the PS to monitor network traffic between the Bash Bunny and computer/s..?

I don't know, I don't think there's an overly large amount of stuff you could do..

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I think I remember them saying the USB is only for USB storage.  Do not know if that is software set or hard set.  If hard set, no way the BB will plug into it unless you put it in storage mode and use it for storage which I think it will save the pcap to the root of the BB udisk partition...or if it makes a folder then in there from the root of udisk.  Edit: take that back.  BB is Fat32 for storage so no dice.

I did ask a question about having the USB having the same ability as the BB to switch it to a network device in case you want to use it as a live tap.  it was noted so do not know if that means it is software control and is possible or another hardware version would be needed.

Still waiting to even hear from USPS site when my PS will arrive so I can take a dive into it but I am assuming this much, there is no packet injectors yet.  Everything is iptables and routes right now some some binaries for VPN, ssh, etc.  So, if we are going to have an injector to modify HTML traffic, someone is going to have to dive into python scapy or whatever that package is in ruby that bettercap uses for injection.  :-P

What?  Don't look at me, I am tired.  I am a volunteer at a new local hackerspace along with my job.  Plus I am on and off still doing things for the BB and still have to get deep into my nano.


@Darren Kitchen

I really wanted to go to your launch.  I am in the same state and about 4 hours away.  Unfortunately, going anywhere, even within the state takes me a month or so planning so stuff is done and someone is set to cover me.  Especially on a weekday.  Weekends I am more flexible, especially since my wife loves it when I actually want to go to Frisco.  Yeah, not into the traffic, construction and immobile crowds..all at the same time.  Puts me in a pissed mood for the whole day.  They have to work on better traffic management for that man made island.

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Mistake on BB partition type.
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2 hours ago, lorenzo95 said:

What was the NETMODE announcement at the beginning? It copies the mac of the pc to the switch facing interface. What is it called again?
Was it included in version 1.1 on the website?

53 minutes ago, UnLo said:

Was it not NETMODE clone? 

I'm assuming Darren didn't save the video to their YouTube then.. :(

2 hours ago, 3lohim said:

USPS Is notorious for this!!!

Yes, I would think so, however my package was never shipped so that could've been an issue as well, haha.

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