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SSH tunnel


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I'm hoping someone can help with this. I would like to setup a script that once my nano is connected to the internet to have it create an SSH tunnel to my existing SSH server. 

I would like all traffic to go through the SSH tunnel back to my server. I sometimes use my pineapple on open networks. The other reason i would like to do this is my tv provider has an app that lets me watch tv on my phobe but you have to be on your home network to view it. 

I have setup openvpn  access server to try to accomplish this outside of my network bit somehow the software detects that and does t let me view live tv. I found an app on my android that creates a VPN SSH tunnel back to my SSH server and now I can view live tv outside of my network. So I would like to create a script to help with this 


This is for taking the time to read this. Any help would be great. 



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The Pineapple autossh module will automatically create an SSH tunnel back to a server. If you want to forward all traffic through that tunnel I'd imagine you might need to just add in an IPTables rule to do it. You might need to set up NAT using IPTables on the SSH server.

It's strange that didn't work with OpenVPN.

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