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Best method to root android


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Hi guys & girls,

what is the best way to root an android tablet? The tablet in question is a Asus Zen pad z300m.

was wondering if Kali linux would run on this device?

if not, what can I install on the tablet to learn wireless security. Can I also install nmap?

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First result on google.


Can you install Kali on it?

A quick google seems to say no.

You want to learn wireless security, there is actually a topic in the forums here about learning.


But the first thing to do, and I don't say this unkindly, learn how to search on google yourself. It is a key skill that everyone should learn.

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Thank you Rkiver... your comments are perceived as unkind just sound advice.

I had found posts on how to root, but guess I was looking for reassurance from the community. 

most of my learning so far has been done with Kali linux on a raspberry pi and virtual box(on my PC). Started to experiment with a openwrt router. Guess I want to be able to experiment during my lunch break(tablet not being so obvious) .

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If it can be rooted to put other roms or such on it, it may be possible to put kali on it, but currently, only for select devices and chipsets since each devices has to be tested to work with drivers and such. I know they are working to make it easier to put on more android devices though, and more android phones, so it won't be limited to just the OnePlus and Nexus devices.

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