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Ultimate Bash Bunny Unbricking Guide


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Hey everyone,

We have recently discovered a bug in the update process of the Bash Bunny, which causes boot-loops. The bug is triggered if the upgrade file had been extracted, renamed, or was otherwise altered.

Fortunately, we have now found a fix for the issue:

  1. Plug in the Bash Bunny and unplug it immediately when the initial green LED turns off
  2. Repeat step #1 three times
  3. Plug the Bash Bunny back in and wait for it to reset. You should see either a "police" pattern or a red blinking LED.
  4. Set the switch to the switch1 position (furthest from the USB port)
  5. Wait for the device to reboot (indicated by the green led) and set the switch to arming mode immediately as the green light turns off.
  6. If all went well, you should now be able to access the Mass Storage partition of the Bash Bunny (or serial in). Delete any leftover update files (such as "ch_fw_1.3_264 (1).tar.gz")
  7. Safely eject / sync the Bash Bunny
  8. Reboot your device, by re-plugging it, while keeping the switch in arming mode.

This should get your Bash Bunny up-and-running on firmware v1.0, allowing you to properly upgrade to the latest version. We recommend using the Bash Bunny Updater for this.

We have released firmware 1.4 which prevents this bug from being triggered.



Note: These instructions are not the same as the one from this thread. Similar, but more reliable.


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