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Cannot get hak5 irc


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17 minutes ago, PoSHMagiC0de said:

Yeah, Darkscience "LetsCrypt" cert expired on the 18th.  They need to run their script to update their cert hehe.

Was weird, they fixed the cert issues a day or two ago. OP wasn't getting a complete chan list from server. not sure what client it was but still weird.

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I was in hexchat and it showed them on a old cert.  Told it to ignore it for now and got in.  Yeah, not secure to ignore certs but it is hak5 irc and nothing covert was going to be discussed at the time.


Doh, now it is fixed hehe.


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2 hours ago, Liothen said:

The reason the channel doesn't show up in /list is because the channel owner has secret mode (+s) set on the channel.

i.e. Will not show up in /LIST or /WHOIS

Thank you for the explanation!

I'm not sure thats on purpose or oversight. None of the other hak5 products channels have  the +s and I cant think of a reason they would want to hide it.


I think @Sebkinne is the chan owner or maybe @Mr-Protocol so i tag them in to confirm.

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