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Ducky Scripts AZERTY


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Hi all, 

First of all, sorry if this is not in the right section. Admins please move if so. 

So I built a little Pro Micro ducky yesterday, I loaded it in to the Duckuino and got my code, after uploading it into th Pro Micro, I don't get the results I am looking for. 

I am using a British  keyboard layout laptop that has been converted to AZERTY (stickers) 

This input language I use is English

I would like to test the Wifi Grabber script on my PC but all I get is random programs opening not even the CMD prompt, I can see at some point it has written on a .txt file that I already had open and it seems to be messing up AZERTY and QWERTY



I have done some reading and lots of trial and error on these sites and apps but still cant get this to work. 




I am new to this so please be nice, 

If there is a correct procedure for this I would be grateful


Kind Regards



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