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Greatest Animated TV show ever


Greates Animated TV series  

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  1. 1.

    • South Park
    • Family Guy
    • Simpsons
    • American Dad
    • Beavis and Butthead
    • Futurama
    • King of the Hill
    • ATHF
    • ren and stimpy
    • other

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Wanted to see what others watched. I used to be a HUGE fan of Family Guy, until the new seasons. Its still funny but the characters dont seem like they used to be (not really a problem if you havent seen the first 3 seasons a thousand times)

South Park is my pick. Its a very moral show if you watch it for the messages it portrays through extremism. For a long time i kept saying, these guys have to be libertarian and last month they were featured in Reason magazine (libertarian mag)

Ive seen close to every episode on this list (cept a few King of the hills and beavis and barley any of ren and stimpy, since i dont like it) I must be watching something if im going to be playing a game.

Theres a few other shows i like, but i didnt think ppl would put them as favs. These shows are Perfect hair forever, venture bros, drawn together, boondocks, frisky dingo, squidbillies, home movies (!), metalocalypse (sucks), monkey dust, hooper and coop, popetown, harvey birdman, drkatz (!), the critic :(, god the devil and bob, daria (!), father of the pride, dilbert... cant think of many more...

(lots and lots of torrents)

[edit: had to shorten the poll by getting rid of sealab 2021, which is awsome!]

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This list is highly lacking.

i had to cut a poll out since i wasnt allowed to post as many as i wanted. I put in the "other" option for that reason.

I guess it should have been called the "Commical Adult Animated TV Shows" but that dosnt sound right. I sort of x'd out all anime too, but i dont think serial experiment lain is comparable to family guy at any levels and it would have been too broad.


^^this type o'stuff!

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Daria is great, 3-5th season have really bad rips know of any good ones?

Its a bit cynical but good humor. If yor want VERY dark humor watch mokey dust. At points its a bit too much for me, but its alright over all.

Is there any other shows ppl watch? besides the d series of adult swim (12oz mouse and tom goes to the mayor) Does anyone here like those? :?

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Well for myself i'm a big anime fan, but in terms of american animation i'm going to have to say that Avitar is pretty good. It looks like an american studio finally captured what anime should be like. I believe that avitar is american anyways, thats what I have herd. But other than that Family Guy Pwns and Ren and Stimpy is old school.

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I actually went with Beavis and Butthead because to me it had everything:

- It was an unpretentious cartoon.

- Excellent humor. Well, my kind of humor anyways.

- Cool clips were shown that you otherwise would've never seen on MTV.

- The clips got the MST3K treatment.

What's not to like? (don't answer that)

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yeah, what about Invader Zim?

Seriously antirem, You need to start downloa... err... watching some quality content.

You say i didnt grab quality content since i didnt say anything about zim? have you even seen all the show i listed (in my post not the poll)? Strictly from a writing standpoint south park is made much better then zim. They take an issue. and make a great punch line out of it. Like when every one started eating with their butt and sh*ting out their mouth as well as switching to atheism. all the parents were in a circle "eating" and talking about how great it was switching to atheism as they deficated through their mouth. Ill reclarify, they were spewing sh*t out of their mouths by talking about how great it was to switch to atheism. heh get it! omg thats witty! Zim can be funny, but its because grr doing some random ass thing that is so rediculise its funny.... while thats all good and fun which is quality?

again, sorry if your pick isnt on the list but i was not able to put on more.

i thought family guy was going to land slide

What's not to like? (don't answer that)

What's not to like? (don't answer that)

I will, nothing. I wish theyd put it back on the main stream air waves. I laugh about as hard at it as i do at sealab. Funny watching it alone, but uncontrolably so with friends and after watching 6 episodes you need to switch, (2 great shows, just not in binges)

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