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Meterpreter Shell Issues


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I'm goofing around in msf and I am running into a reoccurring problem with any exploits I can get onto target machines. I have tried meterpreter shells on android, windows, and other debian machines and this will always happen: https://gyazo.com/a39734eda6393490b7ebfa55597f76cb

The shell just sits there forever, and never gives any readback past that point.

I am not quite sure if I'm just doing something wrong, or if it is an issue with msf, but the shell will never do anything, and if I try to execute a "help" command, the shell closes back to pre-exploit state.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Post the entire command you used to create the payload(s) run on the target devices, and the commands you used in msfconsole for the listener. Will be easier to spot the problem.

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