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SSH Connection Refused


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So, while doing some things on my LAN Turtle, everything on it went insanely slow, let it sit for about 5min or so, then tried it again and it wouldn't move prompts or anything, so I unplugged it, now I can't SSH into it. I did some lookin around and found this thread here. Looking for some verification before I jump right in and do this when it may not be necessary, but do I have to factory reset it with the instructions from the LanTurtle website?

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SO I did a factory reset on my Turtle, I got it working again. I had to do it from my Windows PC since trying it from my Kali PC, it wouldn't assign it any IP. So I had to assign it the 192 IP to get access to the WebInterface to flash it back to factory, but after it reset it still didn't assign itself the 172 IP it needed, so when I manually assgned it the 172 IP, the SSH connection was still refused.

TL;DR Had to flash it from Windows and it's working again.

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