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Hostapd-wpe Output Wont Redirect Until After App Closes


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I'm making a module for WPA2-Enterprise hash interception. Its all going well and I'm almost done. I'm just working on one last issue...

I start hostapd-wpe with this command:

hostapd-wpe /path/to/hostapd-wpe.conf

Once the program starts, it outputs everything to 'the screen' (probably stdout?) It also will put handshakes into a log file (ref: https://github.com/OpenSecurityResearch/hostapd-wpe/blob/master/README)


The issue I'm having is that none of the output is written to the file until after the application has completed executing.


All of the code will be available in the module as soon as its done, so I dont have an issue sharing it now. Its all located on github:


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