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Get BashBunny Exfil partion


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I saw Darrens video yesterday and thought how his improvements that could be made to the BashBunny. Sometimes, windows defender removes malicious files and therefore it could be smart to use read only storage.  But I He said that you could read only storage and exfiltrate the files via network. But I would like to see an improvement made to the bash bunny, to have an read and write exfil partition on the bunny. So one partition where all the payloads and stuff like that are read only but it will also have an partition to exfiltrate small files without the need of network.

Ping: @Darren Kitchen

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I dunno. You can always carry around another USB and plug it in-line with the Bash Bunny, haha. Just have a payload that pushes the loot to the USB named "Bunny's Luggage" or something.

You could start an SMB server to a folder on the Bash Bunny as well, making the Bash Bunny push loot to itself on the SMB server.

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