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How to hack into router TG862G config/setup site. [Wifi/Bridge connection]?


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My router: TL-WR740N, flashed with dd-wrt 
Primary route(I want to hack into its configuration site): TG862G, with the default firmware, propably never updated. 

Yesterday i set up a client bridge network using dd-wrt where my router connected to my Pc trough ethernet, connects with the primary router that is connected to modem, trough wifi. One of the routers (the primary one) was already set up by someone else and for some reasons i can't access it configuration site by typing its ip in the browser(i'm sure that it is correct ip of the router because otherwise i wouldn't be able to set up the bridge connection), and i only know the wifi password, but i managed to get required information diffrent way to set up the bridge connection. I have an internet access but the thing is the download speed keep dropping up and down, between 20mbps to 1mbps and it gives me very poor NAT in online games. I've been wondering if there is any way to to hack into this primary router (without reseting it) configuration site trough my computer/router or some other device connected to it via WIFI. I would like to change a few thing in it, for example, by examining wifi channels i found out that the channel that primary router and my router are currently opearting on (9) is overlaped by 4 other networks/devices and i would like to change it to 6, also maybe i could install some new firmware or post forward some port to the game. Doing so on my router doesn't bring me any good results.  


To sum it up i want to hack into TG86G router, i'm already inside its network and the only thing i know is wifi password and all the other stuff required to set up bridge connection, like security type (WPA/WPA2/WEP/etc.) and stuff like that. I bet the login and password is still default, but i can't find out without getting access to web-based configuration site because it somehow blocks access to it. I even found way to manipulate the bandwith of the devices inside network but that's it, i have no idea how to access the router configuration.

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It's a cable modem.  You'll have to get the cable provider to change the settings, they usually don't allow access to them directly from the client side.  Sometimes you can get to them from the wired client side with the defaults, after you change your ip to something like 192.168.0.XXX or 192.168.1.xxx, depends on the isp.

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