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Does any one know of any freeware backup programs for the


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can anyone tell me any sites or where to find a backup program for my ipod that is free because winamp doesnt catch most of my stuff when i copy it to my pc.

Well you could always back it up with Linux actually a good idea would be to take any live CD and just copy and paste you're songs into a folder in you're C: drive through Linux, not all distros will do this that simply but there are tools for doing this :idea: I don't own a Ipod so you're better off going with someone else's suggestion :wink:

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I suppose you want to backup your songs ;)

There should be a windows version of Senuti, a software able to put music into your iPod, and also able to copy your iPod's music to your hard drive.

I have read on forums there is a windows version. If not, find a friend with a mac :roll:

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