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I need  help, i received an assignment to complete security testing on "Windows Desktop application"
I verified the file level of security and binary code review but i want to do interception of request and response
but am literally struck, in google found some tools like Echo-mirage and Wireshark
- While attaching echo-mirage tool to my desktop application it showing message like "A Problem caused the program to stop working correctly windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."
- Whireshark : am not getting proper idea on
Thanks in advance, your response is highly appreciated.
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Wireshark is program designed to monitor and read packets sent across a network (good way of monitoring packets sent from an application, which is probably what you were getting at).

I've never heard of Echo-Mirage but it sounds like you don't know what it does either, haha. I would guess you had a quick Google and downloaded the first few results that showed up? :P

I'm sure there are plenty of articles out there that talk about testing the security of applications. Maybe even some articles about testing applications in VMs to see how harmful they are (if they are at all).

Hope this helps set you in the right direction!

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