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Meterpreter command prompt doesn't appear


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I'm trying to get into a Windows 10 64x computer in the same LAN than another 86x pc with Kali Linux. 

Once I finally get into the target pc (w10) and the meterpreter session is open, the meterpreter session command prompt doesn't appear, I mean, I don't get the   


command prompt...


What I'm doing wrong?




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Does it get a session successfully? Type "Sessions" and what is listed, then "sessions -i #" where # is the number for the session(if there is one). If there is none, the exploit was not successful. Also, sometimes they can be successful, but a CMD prompt can be disabled on the system(but assuming these are your test machines, they shouldn't be unless you've set them up that way with group policy / gpedit.msc).


Also, when making the payload, make sure to use x64 version for meterpeter for 64bit machines, and you exclude bad characters like x00, x0a,x0d, etc

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I've got this:

msf exploit(handler)  > [*] Sending stage (179267 bytes) to [target IP]

[*] Meterpreter session 1 opened  ( [attacker IP:port] -> [target IP: port] ) at 2017-10-08 17:54:27 -0300

From that, I guess the session is opened, but nothing else happened...



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