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Simple script

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I have searched in Google and here on the forms with no luck. 

Is there a command for a random keystroke? Just looking for something simple here and I will learn from there and explore possibilities.

I can get a payload working open the desired program just this one step eludes me so for example

How (if it's possible) once I have, say notepad open with the ducky, can I get a simple random 1-6 numerical key press? Think of it as a basic dice roll I want a random outcome of one of 6 predefined entries?


I know it maybe basic for most people but I just need a stepping stone for this not someone to do all the work for me.


Thanks in advance to anyone that could help?

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As far as i know the ducky cant do that on it self. maybe you can write a bash/batch script to copy a random key/number into your clipboard and start that and the ducky just presses CTRL+V to copy that random character?

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13 hours ago, Dave-ee Jones said:


You could generate a random number and do a switch of some kind?

if __NUMBER__ is 1:
else if __NUMBER__ is 2:
	Q STRING "Oh boi. It's 2."

Down further in that page it actually gives an example of throwing a dice.

that would be possible if he were using a BashBunny haha :) since the ducky is only a HID this wont work directly on the ducky.

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