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Kismet + GPS + Probe Requests = Mapping phones and laptops?


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So I've been playing with kismet and the NANO. I've managed to set up GPSD to receive GPS data from an android mobile phone via tcp forwarding using adb. I then convert the results with giskismet and voila, I have a really nice map of all the APs at range, with GPS location.

However, I can't get Kismet to log probe requests. That would be awesome because that would turn the NANO into a mapping device, locating every mobile and pc at range (IF they have wifi turned on, of course).

Can anyone help me to get Kismet to display probes, and also log them into the netxml? Or at least where can I start if I have to make my own python tool to achieve this.


Thank you very much!

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13 hours ago, barry99705 said:

That's not really what kismet does.  There's no point in mapping the probe requests, those devices will move.  Besides, they're just going to have your current location for their location anyway. Same as the access points.

Yes, but still I'd like to achieve this, even if just as a entertaining challenge.

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You gonna have trouble "locating" with just one instance, since you can get the signal strength of the mobile device but not the direction of where its coming from. So you gonna need to  to find a way to  trilaterate the distances.  The Chronos project by MIT and, SpotFi also by MIT both are project trying to use wifi for high resolution indoor positioning. 


Chronos (pdf): https://www.usenix.org/system/files/conference/nsdi16/nsdi16-paper-vasisht.pdf

Spotfi  (pdf) : http://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2015/pdf/papers/p269.pdf

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